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What Would Thomas Bernhard Do #WWTBD

Tim Jackson on »Prosperity and Sustainability in the Green Economy«, 17 May 2013, Kunsthalle Wien
Our economic system is still based on the equation “growth = prosperity = a secure standard of living”. After the global financial crisis, a radical revision of this materialistically oriented economics is inevitable. Commissioned by the British government, the economist Tim Jackson investigated the connection between growth and prosperity and calls for a new economic system based on a different concept of prosperity. In his book “Prosperity without Growth: Economics for a Finite Planet”, which is already one of the most important publications of post-growth economics, Jackson develops specific considerations for a sustainable economy and the vision of a more just society within the existing ecological limitations.
17 May 2013
6 pm
Kunsthalle Wien Museumsquartier

The ten-day festival #WWTBD at Kunsthalle Wien focused on central issues of our society, and draws on Thomas Bernhard’s tradition of critical, and sometimes unsettling thinking. The festival transposed his thinking to the present, spreading it through a variety of disciplines so as to work towards a productive analysis of the present. WWTBD – What Would Thomas Bernhard Do features contributions from practitioners in the visual arts, music, literature, art theory, sociology, philosophy, and economics; presents, films, performances, and concerts.
Speakers included Tomáš Sedláček, Byung-Chul Han and Alexander Kluge.
For more information on the lecture series go here. The festival's programme can be found here.