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The future of prosperity

Interview project with Tim Jackson
In this cross-media project "Wíll we save the world?: Conversations about the future of technology and the planet", leading international scientists and engineers, noted academics from the humanities and social sciences, prominent figures from the arts and members of the public come together in conversation. The theme is the disturbances of the Earth's system and the shaping of the future. Other interviewees include T.C.Boyle, Peter Head and Paul J. Crutzen.
Being Korsakow films, they are non-linear and vary with each viewing.
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The lifestyle and prosperity of the developed countries are based on the economic model of the industrial age. This model is inherently linked to vast material flows out of and into the environment. Will the economic growth of the developing and emerging countries overwhelm the resources and emission capacities of the Earth if no alternative to the current model of progress is found? In a world with an expanding population, (7 billion people today, expected to rise to about 9 billion by 2050), how can sustainable economic activity and poverty reduction go hand in hand? Is technological progress the answer to overcoming the multiple current crises, or do we need a new definition of prosperity and growth? What would be concrete regional and global steps towards an environment-oriented economy? And is there a connection between ongoing global social and political unrest and the ecologically unsustainable economic model of the wealthy countries?
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