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The Green Economy

Tim Jackson to give lecture for Thor Heyerdahl Summer School, Ås 18 June 2014
The idea behind this summer school is to bring renowned researchers of environmental governance to work with a selected group of PhD students/young researchers from all over the world. This year's courses will focus on the frontiers of theory formation and empirical analyses regarding ‘the green economy’ as an interdisciplinary endeavour. The course will mainly elaborate on the academic positions and their practical implications.
Tim Jackson's lecture will explore the core dilemma facing modern economies. Economic growth in its current form is clearly unsustainable; but economic de-growth tends to cause instability through unemployment and rising debt levels. The session will explore the resource implications of further growth, the technical potential for decoupling growth from resource throughput, the system dynamics of the modern economy and the psychological and social drivers of unsustainable consumption. It will also highlight differences between developed and developing countries in relation to economic growth.
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