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Growing a circular economy

Tim Jackson to give evidence for Environmental Audit Committee on a circular economy, London 11 June 2014

The Environmental Audit Committee will hold its third public evidence hearing on its growing a circular economy inquiry at 9.30am on Wednesday 11 June 2014 in Committee Room 8, Palace of Westminster.

Witnesses will be

Prof Tim Jackson, SLRG, University of Surrey
Phil Barton, Chief Executive Officer, Keep Britain Tidy
Nick Brown, Head of Recycling GB, Coca Cola Enterprises
Steve Lee, Chief Executive, Chartered Institute of Wastes Management
Dominic Hogg, Chairman, Eunomia research and consulting
Councillor Clyde Loakes, Environment and Housing Board Vice Chairman, Local Government Association
Purpose of the session
This is the third evidence session in the Committee’s “Growing a circular economy” inquiry. The Committee will explore whether it is possible to de-couple economic growth from natural resource use and the role that household recycling and the waste management sector plays in the circular economy.
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