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The altruist within

Tim Jackson gives presentation on "The altruist within: in pursuit of sustainability and justice in a broken financial system"
Sea of Faith 26 Annual Conference
Leicester 25 July 2013
The SLRG Director was invited to give a talk about his economic and socio-philosophical findings at the 26th Annual Conference of the Sea of Faith Organisation, an engaged and spiritually motivated network of local groups who meet regularly for discussion and exploration.




Seeing itself as a loose network rather than a formal religious organisation, SoF has no official creed or statement of belief to which members are required to assent. Its stated aim is to "explore and promote religious faith as a human creation". In this it spans a broad spectrum of faith positions from uncompromising non-realism at one end to critical realism at the other.
Information about the conference can be found on If you are interested in the network go here.