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Prosperity and Sustainability in the Green Economy


Prosperity and Sustainability in the Green Economy (PASSAGE) is a Professorial Fellowship held by Prof Tim Jackson at the University of Surrey and funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. The overall aim of the fellowship is to explore the relationship between prosperity and sustainability and to develop research on the green economy.

The research aims of the fellowship are directed towards three principal tasks:

Foundations for sustainable living ∙ For over a decade, Tim Jackson and his team have been at the forefront of multidisciplinary research on the relationship between consumption, lifestyle, and sustainability. One of the aims of PASSAGE is to synthesise this extensive body of work.

Ecological macroeconomicsProsperity without Growth – economics for a finite planet called for a new macro-economics which no longer relies on relentless consumption growth to achieve stability. PASSAGE is using system dynamics to address this challenge. 

Transforming finance ∙ The existing financial system has created financial instability and ecological unsustainability. Working with a variety of partners, PASSAGE is exploring the transformation of financial markets to deliver long-term investment for a lasting prosperity.

During the course of the fellowship, Prof Jackson and the team will engage closely with stakeholders across government, civil society, business, the media and academia in debates about the green economy.

PASSAGE also seeks to build capacity in new economic thinking by providing a new focus of attention on ecological macroeconomics for postgraduates and young research fellows.

Visit the PASSAGE website here.