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Changing Habits of a Lifestyle

Changing Habits of a Lifestyle
What do we know about changing lifestyles to address the climate change challenge?
Ian Christie to present SLRG findings at the Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts conference on their programme 'Climate Change Collaboration',  London 11 June 2014
A Conference of Ashden and the Climate Change Collaboration
Chaired by Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive of the RSA, the conference's purpose is:
  • to disseminate and discuss new insights on changing social norms to reduce carbon emissions, especially from home energy use
  • draw conclusions from existing knowledge to consider where we go from here and set an agenda for future interventions to reduce carbon emissions from here in the UK
  • engage with media and communications experts on these to connect practical change to policy change more effective

Drawing on SLRG findings and the research synthesis delivered by Tim Jackson at the SLRG dissemination event, Ian Christie will present key lessons from SLRG for policy interventions. The conference is to be held at the RSA on the 11 June 2014 and is set out to provide the delegates with concret ideas of how to work more effectively on changing social norms to act on climate change credibly and constructively.

For information on the Climate Change Collaboration, please visit their website.