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Grassroots innovations

Special issue of 'global environmental change'
Adrian Smith, Andy Stirling and Rebecca White publish in Global Environmental Change

The latest issue of the research journal Global Environmental Change is dedicated to the topic of grassroots innovation for sustainability. It contains six original research articles which focus on the US and Europe, guest edited by SLRG Research Fellow Adrian Smith and Gill Seyfang.

The articles were selected from papers presented at a research workshop held at Sussex University in May 2012. Fifteen full papers and six PhD posters were discussed at the workshop by thirty researchers from eleven countries.

Local organic food systems and community energy are two of the examples covered in the papers, which aim to develop better understanding of the impacts and the potential of these initiatives to achieve wider changes for sustainability. Other papers examine the historical development of wind power and car-sharing, community currencies, and community gardening groups.

The issue includes an article co-authored by STEPS co-director and SLRG Fellow Andy Stirling on dynamics and diversity in communal growing activities in the UK.

For more information on the publication go here.