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Lifecourse transitions: opportunities for sustainable lifestyles?

Two day workshop,  University of Surrey 15/16 July 2014
Kate Burningham, Sue Venn, Birgitta Gatersleben, Ian Christie and Tim Jackson from ELiCiT, together with Monique Raats of the School of Psychology and the Institute of Advanced Studies (University of Surrey) will host this two day workshop on ‘Lifecourse transitions: opportunities for sustainable lifestyles?’.
Lifecourse transitions (eg having a child, moving home or retiring) are known to lead to changes in a variety of aspects of everyday life, such as travel, leisure, energy use and purchase of consumer goods.  It has been suggested that lifecourse transitions offer opportunities for ‘moments of change’ where people may be encouraged to live more sustainably. Alternatively, such moments may be regarded as disruptions to the social organization of everyday life that, depending on the social context, can lead to change or retrenchment into habitual and conventional ways of life.
This workshop, to be held at the University of Surrey on 15-16 July 2014, will explore new approaches to understanding everyday life in the context of change and continuity, through a focus on what constitutes sustainable lifestyles. It will bring together the expertise of those engaged in research into lifecourse transitions with those who have expertise in different aspects of sustainable lifestyles and practices.
Confirmed speakers include
Professor Tim Jackson, Director of SLRG, University of Surrey
Dr Bronwyn Hayward, University of Canterbury New Zealand
Professor Bas Verplanken, University of Bath
Professor Dale Southerton, University of Manchester
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