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Tillväxt och Konsumtion - Growth and Consumption

Tim Jackson interviewed by Kajsa Boglind, Sveriges Radio, P1
Tim Jackson was interviewed for the Swedish Radio programme Konflikt, broadcast on Swedish national radio on Saturday March 9th.  The interview with radio journalist Kajsa Boglind explored what Prof Jackson calls the myth of growth - the idea that only economic growth can provide for economic stability and social progress - one of the defining ideologies of modern capitalism.  The success of the Swedish translation of Tim's book Prosperity without Growth has invigorated the debate about economic growth in Sweden.

Lyssna: Hela intervjun med Tim Jackson

Konflikt is a renowned foreign affairs programme on Swedish radio, the national public service broadcaster of Sweden. Recent interviews for the programme included Zbigniew Bresziniski, Javier Solana and Hans Blix. Visit: for a presentation of the programme in Swedish.