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What makes us act green?

Angela Druckman and Bas Verblanken to give presentations at interdisciplinary workshop for policy makers and academics
"What makes us act green? The Distribution and Dynamics of Environmental Attitudes & Behaviours"
17 December 2013
Energy overuse at the national level is both a direct and an indirect result of the millions of decisions made in homes across the UK. In January 2013 the ESRC research project "The distribution and dynamics of UK citizens’ environmental attitudes, behaviours and actions" began looking at attitudes and actions of the British population towards environmental issues - looking at the changing behaviours towards recycling in the home, green energy and energy consumption.
This workshop will bring together researchers from different disciplines and will discuss some of the findings of this research project which will help local and national government, energy providers and environmentalists to understand the motivations and actions of the British population.
Speakers include Stewart Barr, Lorraine Whitmarsh, Kiron Chatterjee, Ben Anderson, Simonetta Longhi, Peter Lynn and Adam Cooper. Angela Druckman will give a presentation on "Addicted to carbon? The embeddedness of carbon in UK lifestyles, and why kicking the habit is so hard". Bas Verblanken will talk about "Forces of Habit: On Repetitive Behaviour and Behaviour Change".
For more information please visit the ISER-website. Register for this event here. The conference flyer can be downloaded here.

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