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UN Sustainable Development Goals - post 2015

Tim Jackson gives keynote at Parliamentary Hearing at the
United Nations on Re-thinking sustainable development: the quest for a "transformational" global agenda in 2015.
The above is a video of the whole four hours debate. Tim's keynote starts at minute 43 - he participates in the vigorous discussion throughout the session. This year’s Hearing aimed at providing a parliamentary contribution to the on-going debate at the United Nations on the development agenda after 2015, when leading development commitments are set to expire.
Entitled Re-thinking sustainable development: the quest for a "transformational" global agenda in 2015, the Parliamentary Hearing was set up to channel the views of parliamentarians directly into the UN’s deliberative process that is currently led by an Open Working Group of the General Assembly on new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Focus of the meeting was the role of parliaments in the implementation of the new commitments for sustainable development.
The meeting comprised four main sessions, the main themes of the event are as follows:
1. A new economic model for sustainable development: the path toward well-being
2. Gender as a linchpin of development: how to frame a new goal?
3. "Democratic governance" for sustainable development: what place among the new goals?
4. Parliaments and the new post-2015 agenda: getting ready for implementation
The meeting took place in the ECOSOC Chamber in the main Secretariat Building of the United Nations. For more information, visit the IPU website.