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Tasting Mindfulness

Exploring how mindfulness meditation and cognitive therapy can influence food research, education and activism
Lewes, 22 May 2013
With support from Niamh Carey of WWF-UK, Rachael Durrant of the SLRG organised a day long workshop on the 22nd of May to explore how the concept and practice of mindfulness can support a change in our relationships to food. It was attended by 15 people with backgrounds in academia, education, therapeutics, activism and local enterprise relating to food. The participants were provided a presentation by Rachel Lilley from Aberystwyth about behaviour change and the focus of her research on sustainability and mindfulness. They were then taken through different practices, including a body scan, mindful movement, a silent meal, a ‘dealing with difficulty’ exercise, and an exercise in which they led their partners through a mindful eating experience.  By engaging in and reflecting on these practices they explored possible uses for mindfulness in relation to their personal connection with food and work in sustainability, health and other related issues. 
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For more information on the SLRG Project: Civil society in sustainability transitions of food systems go here.