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Sylvia Nissen wins NZ scholarship

SLRG Research assistant Sylvia Nissen has been awarded this year's Kate Sheppard Memorial scholarship - an award that is designed to provide an opportunity for young women to develop their potential "by undertaking further education, study, research or training in areas which are of value in the community of New Zealand."

“Sylvia is an impressive young woman who completed her Bachelor of Arts with Honours before attending Monash University to complete her Masters degree. It was a huge decision to come back to the University of Canterbury to undertake her PhD and we are very pleased that she did make that choice. New Zealand needs such high calibre graduates completing their study here, especially when the field of study is such a topical one.” said Karena Brown, Chairperson of the Kate Sheppard Memorial Trust.

“Young people have long been associated with social change and Sylvia intended to investigate the ways in which young people’s political agency and citizenship is expressed and shaped in high consumption societies, including New Zealand. She will be working in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme and will using focus groups and interviews to collect her data. Her research will focus on young New Zealanders between the ages of 18 to 24 who are attending university.” Read more about her PhD research here.

For further information on the award visit the Kate Sheppard Memorial Trust's website here.

Congratulations to Sylvia!