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Sustainable prosperity

SLRG Director Professor Tim Jackson to give keynote provocation at upcoming ESRC/British Acadamy scoping workshop on "Sustainable prosperity: the social science and economy of the nexus"
The interactive event is co-hosted by the ESRC and the British Academy, and aims to bring a diverse range of people and perspectives together to discuss novel ideas and approaches to the issue of building an economy that fosters sustainable prosperity. For the ESRC, this event on sustainable prosperity is a key part of a suite of research initiatives around the social science challenges of the energy, environment and food nexus which ESRC is taking forward, working with a range of partners. For the British Academy the event forms part of a series of work being undertaken by the Academy over the next few years to reconsider fundamental questions around society's wellbeing and new democratic settings.
Location: British Academy, London SW1Y 5AH
Date: 20 February 2014
The objectives of this event are:
  • to foster a debate around sustainable prosperity, informed by a diverse set of perspectives and disciplines, including a broad range of interested stakeholders from academia, policy circles, business and the third sector
  • to explore new potential framings of established economic, social and governance models in the context of the issues raised by sustainable prosperity
  • to identify new conceptual and practical tools that might support sustainable prosperity
  • to gauge the state of current knowledge and capacity, and to identify new forms of research, and learning that is needed to transform understanding of this space
  • to inform policy and practice about the challenges and opportunities of sustainable prosperity.
For more information, see the conference brochure.
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