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Where is the Green Economy?

Tim Jackson gave a lecture at Københavns Universitet as part of the Sustainability Lecture Series, 23 October 2013, 10am (CEST)

As part of the Copenhagen sustainability lecture series, Tim's talk explored the dimensions of the green economy, arguing that we must look beyond the politics of austerity and the irresponsibility of the 'casino economy' if we are to find realistic pathways out of the financial crisis. Tim's solutions emphasise the role of enterprise, the nature of employment, the structure of investment and the role of the money supply in sustainable recovery.


In addition to research and educational activities, a focus of the Sustainability Science Centre is to promote awareness and discussion of the sustainability challenges facing society – as well as their potential solutions - in the general public. Thus, an important function of the Centre is to host a Sustainability Lecture Series where leading international figures in sustainability are invited to give open lectures.
The Series was started in 2011 and builds on the highly successful Climate Lectures Series hosted by the University from 2008 – 2010.

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