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Stories for Change

Ian Christie speaks at Communicate 2013 conference
06 November 2013, Bristol (UK)
As part of a plenary session on 'liberating stories' concerning environmentally conscious lifestyles and value, Ian Christie gave a presentation at the recent Communicate 2013: Stories for Change conference. Ian's talk essentially drew on the SLRG ELiCiT project work and presented its understanding that people who are undergoing significant transitions in their lives (e.g. moving home, arrival of first child) seem to be particularly receptive to messages and incentives concerning sustainable consumption - an important insight that enables future policy makers to create more sensible and meaningful institutional mechanisms towards more sustainable lifestyles.
Have a look at the conference storify page here. Videos and other conference material will be available on the Bristol Natural History Consortium website. Download the progamme here.


Initiated by the  Bristol Natural History Consortium, Communicate is a leading conference for environmental communicators in the UK, bringing together over 150 delegates each year. Under this year's theme  "Stories for change", a blend of professionals from NGOs, the public sector, the media, academia and green business came together to debate and share the latest challenges, best practice, and inspiration for engaging people with the natural world. For more information go here.