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Sacred Growth

"More growth!" is the political mantra in times of economic, environmental and financial crises - the always-more-ideology is supposed to guarantee a return to a healthy economy. Recently though, more and more economic and ecological experts have began advocating against this concept of limitless growth: it's simply unsustainable and in the affluent West not contributing anymore to well-being.
In her latest investigation, French journalist and accomplished film-maker Marie-Monique Robin questions the dogma of growth and investigates social and economic alternatives: community-based and environmentally conscious models are on the rise and seem to prepare much better for emerging problems such as climate change, resource scarcities and financial crises.
The context of Robin's investigation is provided by interviews with experts including Herman Daly, Juliet Schor, William Rees, Thomas Greco, Dominique Méda, Andrew DlugoleckiNico Paech and Tim Jackson.

The full documentary is available on ARTE+7 stream (for audiences in France and Germany). For Video on Demand and DVD, see the ARTE Boutique.
Marie-Monique Robin is a French TV journalist and documentary filmmaker. She received the 1995 Albert Londres Prize for Voleurs d'yeux (1994), an expose about organ theft; best political documentary award from the French Senate for a 2003 film about the transfer of French counter-insurgency techniques to Argentina; and the Rachel Carson Prize for her work on Monsanto.
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