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Rachael Durrant to present her SLRG findings at Food Research Collaboration Event, London 10 December
Civil society organisations (CSO’s) in the UK are widely engaged in attempts to make food systems greener, fairer and healthier, but are often conspicuously absent in policy discussions and strategic planning about food security and sustainability.
In this seminar, SLRG fellow Rachael Durrant will draw attention to this disconnection and provide evidence of the mechanisms through which CSOs already drive change. She will show that policy-making would be more effective if it acknowledged the collective efforts of CSOs and recognised the mutually reinforcing nature of the roles that they play.
You can register for the seminar here.
Food Thinkers is a seminar series hosted by the Centre for Food Policy, City University London and is part of the Food Research Collaboration project that aims to facilitate joint working by academics and Civil Society Organisations to improve the UK food system. The focus of the seminars lies on engagement and questions; the sessions are chaired by Prof Tim Lang.
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